Website promotion process:

  1. Website technical optimization   — we provide the entire list of works that need to be done with your site, we control the implementation of technical edits in accordance with the TOR.  

  2. Optimization of text content on your site   - We draw up a content plan for adding new pages, if necessary, we write texts for the main page of the site, sections, subsections, blog, etc. .

  3. External   advertising your business on the Internet   - placing information on the most popular sites of your subject, placing information in directories and media.

What is SEO Optimization?

Important! We do not make unnecessary graphs and tables, you get exclusively ready-made solutions for the site in the format  

In short,   what is SEO site optimization is a constant improvement of your site, which needs to be done not just once, but as much as your resource will be in the Google search engine .  

The most important SEO points you can check on your own or you can order from us:

  1. checking the site for   404, 410, 500, 502 errors ;
  2. unique and   quality text ;
  3. correctly spelled   Meta Tags Title, Description ;
  4. competently   the headings of the pages H1, H2, H3 are spelled out ;
  5. fast loading   site;
  6. adaptive layout   for mobile display;
  7. checking duplicate pages ;
  8. checking pagination pages ;
  9. code validation check,   validator ;
  10. decent and high quality   design of all site pages ;
  11. quick work and   your server speed ;
  12. the main page should only be available at one URL http: / /;
  13. all   Site URLs must be in small letters;
  14. correctly spelled   robots.txt ;
  15. availability   sitemap.xml ;
  16. HTTP   Last-Modified header ;
  17. checking the site for viruses ;
  18. correctly formatted   micro-markup on all pages of the site ;
  19. remove unnecessary code   JavaScript and CSS;
  20. images in jpg format , the alt and title of the images are correctly spelled out;
  21. Canonical is specified   on all necessary pages of the site;
  22. protocol   https ;
  23. configured correctly   hreflang   switch between languages ​​  link rel = " alternate " hreflang = " language code " href = " Page URL " / "
  24. internal links   on the site;
  25. avoid oversizing the DOM ;
  26. and other necessary points for competent optimization of your site. 

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